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Judging victims of torture as ‘burdens’

It decreases stress, to have someone on your side, validating your grief; someone who is able to stand up to those harming you & make them afraid.

Not wise to interact with erroneous accusers who victim-blame & nonsense 200+ years of psychiatry’s Government endorsed abuse of humans.

Victims of psychiatry are not burdens, psychiatrists are

If Robin Williams, before his death, told you how the SSRIs were making him feel suicidal & giving him Parkinsonian symptoms… what then?

If Norma Gene/ Marilyn Munroe had not been subjected to forced psychiatric 'medications' and arbitrary detention... and shamed into silence and suicide at what was done to her by psychiatrists.

If Silvia Plath had not been electrocuted & coerced/forced to take SSRIs that made her feel so suicidal she took her life...

Read more books by psych survivors & know...

  • If you go to a doctor and tell them how to feel, they’ll diagnose you as fcksht and give you some poison to swallow.
  • If you feel like telling a friend how you feel, they tell you to go get checked out by a doctor, as if you want that sleazy drug dealer checking you out!

It takes time to think around 200+ years of psychiatry's propaganda

  • Initially, no one gets it, that psychiatry abuses people, enslaves them as specimens & does not help or heal.
  • Initially, no, the population don't recognise psychiatry's propaganda, they instead vilify the victims of torture & laud psychiatrists.
  • Initially no understanding – society blames the victims & celebrates the whitecoat torturers.

So, what to do about the ignorance? Keep questioning and putting our thoughts out to those who are permitted a platform to speak on behalf of the rest of the world and talk publically about our society's wrongs enough to create awareness. So, yet another question, from the persistent Ms Initially NO (that'd be me), to ABC Q&A to enable their panel to discuss this disgusting human rights abuse, that is forced & coerced torture of people in Australia. Inspired by another of ABC's programs You Cannot Ask that, which has NOT yet included a show for Survivors of Torture/ Psychiatric Regime Survivors. And, there's a reason for that... prejudice? discrimination? victim-blame? Don't touch that with a barge pole or you're labelled 'fcksht' and cannot get sponsorship? Oh! That's right anyone labelled and tortured by psychiatry doesn't have the right to speak out against their abusers, they're only allowed a platform, if they are willing to be a pet specimen for psychiatrists to display on a show about fcksht.

People generally think they can say anything they like to people who are/ have been tortured by the psychiatric regime. But, the truth is, they must stop these psychiatrisms, in the same way as they must stop racism. We really do not need people accusing us of being ‘incoherent’ or ‘crazy’. We know that's the bullying that got us tortured, and is especially insensitive to people who are still being tortured by psychiatry, or those who are being discriminated against for speaking out against psychiatry. We know it is a really subjective thing - perception - that we've been diagnosed as 'diseased' for. And people can attempt to nonsense and pooh-pooh anything they don't wish to allow a discussion of. And, we know they do, on a regular basis.

Psych survivors don't need to be told that we're an organised religion either - that's the propaganda coming out of people's mouths. How abusive are you, to throw that rubbish on us? Speaking out against the torture procedures that psychiatry inflicts on people 24/7 indefinitely, has nothing to do with religion. And, for a 4th generation atheist, like myself, it is just ridiculous.

Read our lips: we did not want to be tortured. Psychiatry tortured us. Psychiatry is currently torturing 1.5 billion people world-wide. Psychiatry's abuse has increased over the 208 years of its official existence so horrifically it mentally-ills quarter of the world's population. Please learn quickly to recognise who psych survivors are, people who have been put through government endorsed torture. Many, many people are suffering under psychiatry, hoping, one day they can be free from the torture of being an enslaved human laboratory specimen. But that cannot happen, until the public are aware of the civil rights movement, until people recognise we need to have absolute prohibition of forced treatment & commitment.

A question to the Q&A panel from a Survivor of Torture

From Q&A here 'I’m a psychiatric survivor. I’ve been subjected to torture via the psychiatric regime, endorsed by our government (this was for over 14 years). I want to know, what you think of me. Do you think that I’ve done something really, really wrong? Or do you think that I’m some ‘religious person’? How else do you want to judge me? Or do you think, that the psychiatric regime is really, really wrong and that something needs to be done about it?'

Article 15: Its Potential to End Impunity for Torture in Psychiatry

Posted on April 2, 2015  by  treatwebcastadmn 
CRPD 13: WNUSP side event on Article 15: Its Potential to End Impunity for Torture in Psychiatry

Rethinking criminal responsibility from a critical disability perspective: The abolition of insanity/incapacity acquittals and unfitness to plead, and beyond - Tina Minkowitz
read HERE

& don't forget my previous post for this child being tortured...

6 year old Florida child taken from her parents by police and forcibly held in psych ward.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Human rights investigations question

Question for Q&A ABC is HERE

Answer this question on Twitter Poll:
Someone is screaming they are going to be tortured, as they are hauled off by authorities. What do you do?
Answer HERE

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Terrorist psychiatrists

Dr. Raj Persaud, a psychiatrist and professor at London's Gresham College dehumanises people, terrorises them, forcefully drugs and electrocutes them, as well as giving them an ugly label and demanding that they agree that is who they are... then he gets to write articles to damn his 'specimens' in the public eye. Typical whitecoat propaganda article.

A realistic article, by a psychiatric survivor or ally, might talk about how outrageous the stress of being tortured with psych drugs is, meaning people have few choices, or ability to think through the poison that's forced on them, and on rare occasions fight rather than suicide (or put up with the torture). But that's not what gets on mainstream TV - ever. Nor do those who have the money to put up a legal fight, even when they really, really want the publicity.

Psychiatrists regularly get on the TV, in newspapers, everywhere and win Order of Australias for killing our youth.

Patrick McGorry, a psychiatrist, says on ABC TV News, that people need to be 'properly treated.' To psychiatrists this means having poisons dubbed with the doublespeak term 'medication' forced into their bodies. These poisons enact on the body 24/ 7. Treatment orders from psychiatry can be indefinite. For people who have not committed crimes, and therefore do not have the right to a lawyer, it is very difficult to escape psychiatry's torture of them. You need a lawyer, so you can argue that under the Victorian Human Rights Charter and the United Nations CRPD, it is illegal to be subjected to forced medical treatments, but unless you have money for a legal team, how do people get freedom from psychiatry's torture of them?

It is illegal under International Human Rights Law, to forcefully detain a person who has not committed a crime under the Criminal Code. But, you need a lawyer versed in Human Rights law to do that. See, the criminals have more rights, than the innocent; they have a right to a lawyer. And chemical lobotomisers like McGorry, that make money from torturing people, can get on the news and bad-mouth people who have been enslaved and tortured by psychiatrists, by insinuating that people who have been labelled mentally ill by psychiatry and are not 'properly treated' are potential terrorist threats.

  1. McGorry wants to gain specimens as young as he can, for his particular ugly studies on how poisons and electricity kill and disable youth.
  2. Australia has successfully increased youth suicide, via ‘early intervention’, now psychiatry wishes to increase youth terrorism.
  3. And ever thought your child to be a ‘bit of a terror’, well, psychiatry has the solution for you, get your child terrorised today.
  4. Similarities between Patrick McGorry & Rolf Harris are uncanny… and they both got called ‘charismatic’ by mainstream-media.

Do we have to rely on Canada to catch our evil psychiatrists? For instance, the Perth child psychiatrist Aaron Szen Yang Voon arrested in Canada for allegedly filming a boy in a public toilet , who is now facing further child pornography charges. What parent would want these evil psychiatrists to drug and abuse their children. Yet, a parent's power-of-attorney can be taken away if they refuse to allow psychiatrists to drug their child.

'There are also reservations about Australia's focus on early intervention for young people with more serious mental health problems. Sixteen early-psychosis prevention and intervention centres (EPPIC) will be operational by 2016, providing support for 15 to 24-year-olds at risk of psychotic illnesses. Critics claim there is little evidence the disorders can be prevented, and that up to 80 per cent of those deemed ''high risk'' will never develop the illness yet may still be labelled and medicated.'
Read more:

Illicit drugs can cause people to be violent, and so do forced psychiatric drugs. Why? Well, if you have a toxin in your body, it might, make you fight, if you're the sort to do that. If your country is inflicting this violence on you and the population is doing nothing to stop it? Well, how do you think that makes the person feel? Happy? No, it makes people under this torture feel like finding a way to stop the bastards from torturing them. Most psychiatric survivors have no idea how to do that. They'll just say, or yell a few things. Some might write guitar songs, some might paint pictures, others might write blogs. That's not violent, that's having a say, in a world that won't allow free speech about psychiatric slavery. Most psychiatric survivors try to negotiate with those perpetrating horrendous torture on them, and make choices between one horrible 'treatment' or another.

Now let's just think about psychiatry's elder abuse in this article. Psychiatrists terrorising the elderly with poison they do not want or need, that makes their final years full of horrific unendurable pain. Indeed psychiatry's evil is just really obvious, 'Why does Health Minister Sussan Ley like “killing” our mothers with a USA banned dementia drug, the anti-psychotic Risperdal?'

Yet what media personality is doing anything to stop it?

There they are yapping away, those who get to talk on mainstream media, saying a lot of highly offensive things. They don't get put in psych wards and tortured, because psychiatry would end if they did. The only media figures psychiatry attacks are the ones it thinks it can get away with, usually women.

Of course. The world loves scapegoats. It goes something like this, that thread...

  • Psychiatrists declare that war is caused by mental Illness and the public vent at those people enslaved by psychiatry for causing war.
  • Misogynists declare that war is caused by women farting. All women burst out laughing, so then, women’s laughter is said to cause war…
  • Psychiatrists declare women who fart and laugh are mentally ill and must become laboratory subjects so psychiatrists can find a way to cure their farts and laughter…
  • Psychiatrists declare that war is caused by women’s mental illness, but that psychiatry has found a cure, or a way to manage the symptoms… and the public nod and listen and buy what the old fart says, as he laughs all the way to the bank and next arms deal.

Even a misogynist, homophobic leader like the Russian leader, Putin, can see what psychiatry does is making people into invalids, making people sterile... Russia has done enough experiments on their dissidents to know what Australian psychiatrists try to cover up as being 'care' and 'medicine.' (And recognising that putting petroleum-based substances in foods and medicines isn't healthy, that's right, you shouldn't be eating Propylene Glycol all the time, or cleaning your hands with it, spraying it under your arm pits...) Good to hear someone saying what is obvious, instead of being like our leaders talking up chemical lobotomists like they're something kind and pretty.

Peter Breggin says of the The Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Cases of Violence, Suicide and Crime, 'It’s important to understand that all psychoactive substances impair higher brain function and with that they impair judgment. People who are a little tipsy on alcohol or a little high on marijuana may experience it as enjoyable. Similarly, people who take psychiatric drugs may experience relief from emotional anesthesia or an artificial high on an antidepressant, tranquilizer, or stimulant. Or they may get some relief from the lobotomizing effect of an antipsychotic drug or the blunting impact of a mood stabilizer. In every case, the seeming improvement is a manifestation of brain dysfunction, and judgment is always impaired.'

Breggin is a decent social-psychiatrist that speaks out against the wrongs of his profession. But he has no idea, or rather doesn't say enough here  about how painful the drugs psychiatrists force on people are. To know that suffering, you really have to listen to what psychiatric regime survivors say of this. The ones who feel safe enough to speak out will tell you forced psychiatric drugs are TORTURE. The reason they're forced is because the person doesn't want to take them for very good reasons, they are TORTURE.

Take into account over 5700 Victorians actively seek to try to stop forced psychiatric treatment orders, every year, via the Mental Health Tribunal (usually without any legal help). Most of these horrific Treatment Orders are upheld, despite none of these people being charged with a crime under our Criminal Code. It is not only a disgusting that this is happening, it becomes even more disgusting when you realise that the only reason this isn't stopped is because, beyond the 4000 psychiatrists in Australia, there are a lot of other people making money out of enslaving Australian citizens as laboratory specimens.

Psychiatry is terrorism. Don't allow psychiatrists to shake off the shame of their years of abusing people for money by perpetuating victim-blaming in 2016! End this regime. End psychiatry's slavery of so many, if only for our economy. At the moment, it is a false economy, based on human suffering and short-term money's from the organised crime of psychiatry. But how about also ending it, so that quarter of our population, is no longer suffering under this slavery.

The economy for a slave is not a good one. And people who are subjected to servitude that involves being a enslaved as a laboratory animal, cannot even be credited with years of hard labour, which would shine better in the public's esteem (even though being constantly poisoned & electrocuted is hard labour for a person's body & being a human guinea-pig normally pays large sums). The people enslaved by psychiatry who are terrorised by these monstrous whitecoats, are not paid a thing, are portrayed as invalids, as a drain on the system, 'useless eaters' and here we have it on the 7pm News, being labelled as potential 'terrorists'.

Stop the victim-blame, please. Put the monsters on trial, cease this ridiculous propaganda that is just so offensive, it is unbelievable people are saying such things in 2016.

Think how horrible this is: When psychiatry enslaves a person as a laboratory specimen, against their will, that person cannot earn a wage, as their body is shut down by major tranquilisers. These major tranquilisers are also called neuroleptics, (or to victim-blaming they’re referred to regularly by psychiatrists as ‘antipsychotics’). They jam up dopamine receptors, cause painful, physical and intellectual dysfunction. And why are they being forced on people? Because of Australia’s Mental Health Acts that conflict with International Human Rights Laws and in Victoria, their own Charter of Human Rights. Having a Charter of Human Rights in Victoria, doesn’t help, as Victoria has the largest amount of civilian forced treatment orders in the world. And as I said before, innocent people don't have the right to a lawyer.

The kind of poverty brought on by utilising people in physical and emotional crisis for psychiatry’s WHO(world health organisation) profit-related experiments, means that while the white-coteries profit, the psychiatric-slaves are abused disfigured, impoverished, and even if by some lucky chance freed enough to speak out, will be subjected to more verbal abuse than anyone else of any marginalised part of the community.

There was a move to get any freed, or semi-freed slaves to join social-support services, even if they had PHDs in other employment areas. Having psychiatric survivors in social-services on low wages, meant that they could then be controlled, should they want to speak out against State Violence. Social Support Workers who were Experient of psychiatric abuse had to be very careful to not say too much about what their government had done to them, or their workplace wouldn’t get grants, and they’d be out of a job. (In a similar way people working for Churches kept quiet about abuses happening in their organisations, even when they’d been subjected to the abuses themselves.)

Transgenerational protest is huge. And you cannot keep in what has been screaming for generations. And the minute on generation attempts to think about the abuse, or talk about it, or use the expression that got them abused by the State Government, then suddenly, the next generation is subjected to abuse.

Know that psychiatric drugs will cause cancer & heart attacks.

Psychiatric drugs really, really wreck your body. Why not look at Clinical studies on long-term  lithium treatment and kidney failure and how the plainsfolk Kay Redfield Jamieson, promoter & consumer of lithium ended up.

Really, really need to think about the whole diagnosis of perception. The white-coterie mental hygiene-eugenics-mental health association that’s been peddling its propaganda for so long, there’s no one alive who remembers it not existing. Perception should not be diagnosed. Voices, visions… percipience, they’re what literature and poetry loves. How did they get to be ‘symptoms of serious mental illness’? It’s ridiculous! How did a Australians get to be so stupid that they think quarter of their population are potential 'terrorists' because they've been diagnosed by psychiatry. People aren't recognising the real terrorists here are whitecoats.

And, of course, forced poison in a person's body can make people do desperate things to get revenge on the people who did that to them. Peter Gøtzsche says, 'When I gave a talk to Australian child psychiatrists, one of them said he knew three teenagers taking antidepressants who had attempted suicide because they couldn't get an erection the first time they tried to have sex.  These boys didn't know it was the pills - they thought there was something wrong with them. Although many psychiatrists still believe SSRIs cut the risk of suicide that can come with depression, it is well established that these drugs actually increase the risk in children and adolescents, and most likely in adults as well.'

Forced and coerced psychiatry must be stopped. Forced treatments are not only inhumane, they don't make sense, except to people who are dumb enough to keep swallow ridiculous propaganda. Psychiatric drugs are poisons. And psychiatrists are killers that are terrorising humanity.

This blog says it: 'We are supposed to be a society of written laws.  The law is supposed to come from us all as a people.  We are supposed to agree in advance what the law is.  Law is supposed to reflect what is good and right for our relationships with each other.  Only stuff that is bad enough, wrong enough, harmful enough to everyone's interests is to supposed to be anyone's business but your own.

'The role of police is supposed to be limited.  Police are supposed to police the law.  The law is supposed to to be written down.  Police are supposed to compare what you do with what is on the page.  The rules on the page are supposed to rule the day.

'We are not supposed to be a nation of big Kings or petty ones.  No one is supposed to be able to issue edicts willy, nilly.  Getting locked up, shot up, tied down or put away is not supposed to be a matter of opinion.  It's not supposed to happen because someone doesn't like you.  It's not supposed to happen because we disagree.

'Fundamental rights, basic freedoms - speech, opinion, belief and the right to be let alone - are supposed to be for all of us.  They're not supposed to be a matter of popularity.  They're not supposed to be a matter of class or occupation.  They're not supposed to change from person to person, over night, or get made up by someone with power as they go along.'

Think about that. Psychiatry is really, really violating people, victim-blaming. Do you really want to continue to allow mainstream media to say nothing about this terrorising?

Whitecoats cannot be allowed to continue experimenting on people against their will. These terrorists, called psychiatrists must be stopped.

Someone is screaming they are going to be tortured, as they are hauled off by authorities. What do you do?
Answer HERE

Media bias against survivors & their allies

Media Bias, against human rights reporters, and media bias in favour of human rights abusers’ doublespeak propaganda -  it’s everywhere in Australian reportage, everywhere in our awards and grants system. It stinks like a neighbours illicit drug-making operation, you're not sure what to do about.

When I’m talking about mainstream media, especially government sponsored media, being biased in their reporting of human rights, particularly that regarding people being tortured and enslaved by psychiatry. I mean, reporting that allows those who are violating citizens rights, to be the author of articles published in mainstream press, that attempt to claim that they’ve just put together the best of the best in the nation, when that's not true. When the opposite is true.

            False advertising for the whitecoats, not only that, but also really violating the people enslaved by psychiatry, as well as authors who are psychiatric survivors and human rights activists, who  see articles that are later corrected, after the legislation has been drummed into the public as sound and secure human rights legislation.

This is just one example: The Drum regrets original version of this article did not include the declaration of Dr Leslie Cannold's position on the Mental Health Tribunal. A declaration which the public really needed to know at the time, as well as the article being sponsored by P.Bogfart of the Whatever Party, paid for by that rancid organisation with the cross and knight insignia: RANZCP 

Regrets like the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014... What reform exactly was there, in that Act from the 1984 Rights for Psychiatry to Enslave & Torture Act?

Victoria still has the highest rate of forced treatment of non-criminals, per capita, in the world. And by non-criminals I mean people who have NEVER been charged with a crime, and never could, because they never did anything to cross laws that make sense, but somehow 'appeared to be mentally ill' to some psychiatrist diagnosing their perception and distress as a 'serious mental illness' for whatever P.Bogfart reason.

Lots of awards are given to white-coteries, like Cannold, who hold human-rights back over 200 years and profit from disgusting human rights violations.

Humanist of the year? For eff's sake! Grow up Australia!

WTF! Cannold has been given a writers studio at Abbotsford Convent, where little girls were put to hard labour, doing all the laundry for the profiteering convent, as well as cafes, restaurants and motels. Then, they were slandered as 'whores' and shamed into never seeking compensation. Even with Ireland's similar Magdalene Convent Laundries, some of those who suffered got compensation and validation for their grief.
Little girls who were imprisoned for hard-labour at Abbotsford, that got slandered as whores, think of those Dr L. Cannold, while in that writer appointed Studio C2.54 at Abbotsford Convent! But you won't, you'll write a story about the 'hard working Nuns'.
Yes, of course the victims of psychiatry, or the victims of Abbotsford Convent just wish to forget the past and get on with their lives. And for a while, those women who were brutalised as young girls had no choice but to do that. (Only venting occasionally to those they could trust).
Yet this is the reportage, ‘Australia did have a similar system' to the Magdalene Laundries,  'conditions were indeed harsh, but it remains not easy to gain a just overview of what happened. Views conflict sharply. Apparently genuine memories of very oppressive conditions conflict with nun’s recollections of their doing their best for difficult cases.’
Oh the nuns doing their very best, like the psychiatrists doing their very best to abuse people and use them for profits and then cover it up as 'care' and 'help.'
Australia is very good at cover-ups, better than Ireland. And I think Victoria is probably the Human Rights Abuse State of the world, placing violators in positions as writers, artists, critics... and never allowing the victims of crime to speak, if they are determined to tell the truth, even when they have the qualifications in form of diplomas, bachelors, PHDs...

This MHS has to go, it's based in eugenics doctrine. It's holding the Civil Rights Movement back.

We need to reclaim our day from those who wish us to be seen as 'specimens'.

  • 'Post-war Australia was categorised by a new era of nation building led by the conservative Robert Menzies as Prime Minister. There was a perceived need for strict discipline for juveniles. Children could be placed in juvenile detention centres despite not having committed a criminal offence. Further, during this period there was a concern that 'sexually depraved girls' could be a cause of delinquency and therefore needed to be separated from the mainstream. As a result of these attitudes, many vulnerable children were criminalised.'
  • Alliance for Forgotten Australians

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Hatch the world recognition for psychiatric abuse

In any language it is the same. Use of humans for laboratory experiments, victim-blaming when the victims of psychiatry attempt to ask for their human rights.

Bring on the voice-activated teddy-bear recordings uploading straight to YouTube, or recording devices on things we can hide in earrings... or clothing, or our contact lenses. Whatever cannot easily be taken away.

(Psychiatry in Germany today & T4 is the same in any language)

Don't let double-speak 'health' take away our human rights days. WHO are they to think they can do that? Hatch the world's recognition for psychiatry's abuse of so many.