Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Scab writing, how disgusting!

Scab writing for whitecoat propaganda... to perpetuate the evils of psychiatry, advertise their drugs, and say nothing to stop the horrendous abuses of forced drugging, electric shock, fetters, psychosurgery, brainwashing, belittling, wrecking of reputation...
When people are trying to stop torture and writers do this scab stuff, its just horrible perpetuation of the abuse via propagating the lies of the psychiatric regime.
There’s a lot of it, here’s an example:

What about a real story about how this word 'stigma' is used by the Mental Health Association campaigns that suck up government funds and demand any experient workers use not only the term 'stigma' but 'consumer worker'. It is horrible, subjugate yourself to fit in with what doesn't make sense, or lose your income. Make a choice. Yes, I know we all want to survive... but who reads this tripe and actually doesn't see the double-standards, the ridiculousness of people drawing a black zero on their palm and saying, 'I am w/hole', which is so close to saying 'I am whore, I am scab...' I'm not even going to give you the link to it, but apparently the Royal effing UK family got into it (though they didn't draw the dirty noughts on their palm).

How about writing about how the word 'stigma' originated from those people who up until the 1960s, if they went through Catholic Psychiatry, rather than Govt Psychiatry, were burnt on their wrists (Stigmata) to get the 'devil' out. Where as the people subjected to Govt Psychiatry had their brains cut out. Which, is more of a jesus eff Christ when you think about it. And so are the chemical and electrical lobotomies that are inflicted on people today.

While I love much of Alison Croggon's writing, this is just a smoker's cough dribbling into a whitecoat's advertise.

Why doesn’t Overland, or SBS publish an article about the torture and arbitrary detention that people are put through 24/7 indefinitely right now? Oh no, SBS would not accept anything but whitecoat propaganda.

Scabs! get out of the way of the Civil Rights Movement

I’m actually really disappointed in these two scabs who penned the above articles. I’ve met them, there is writing of theirs I have respected. Now they stoop so low as to do scab writing. It’s really hard to take, seeing they’ve sat in an audience where they’ve heard me read poetry about the fourteen years of torture psychiatry put me through, IN THEIR NAME. How can they be so utterly selfish, so mindlessly gullible to work for the monsters by spewing out more propaganda.

I want people to say NOT IN MY NAME will my country do this! 24/7 indefinite torture and arbitrary detention is totally evil and illegal.

I send out articles that make far more sense to publish, but I am discriminated against because I am part of a Civil Rights Movement, rather than an advertise for whitecoat propaganda. I am discriminated against because I speak out against psychiatry. I am discriminated against because I will not compromise my integrity, or sacrifice the lives of the 1.5 billion people being tortured by the psychiatric regime, for my own livelihood, let alone for something as stupid as a packet of cigarettes.

Here's an article that is actually worth reading: 'Accepting the application of the word stigma reinforces this prejudice and does nothing to challenge it. We must challenge the status quo not accept it.'

The Guardian is actually being far more progressive in publishing PsychSurvivor articles, rather than those written by scabs, and, this one is UK. Australian mainstream press has been burying any writer who speaks out against psychiatry for 208 years, and it probably won't stop until UK or the USA abolishes the evil that is psychiatry.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Monday, August 15, 2016

Judging victims of torture as ‘burdens’

It decreases stress, to have someone on your side, validating your grief; someone who is able to stand up to those harming you & make them afraid.

Not wise to interact with erroneous accusers who victim-blame & nonsense 200+ years of psychiatry’s Government endorsed abuse of humans.

Victims of psychiatry are not burdens, psychiatrists are

If Robin Williams, before his death, told you how the SSRIs were making him feel suicidal & giving him Parkinsonian symptoms… what then?

If Norma Gene/ Marilyn Munroe had not been subjected to forced psychiatric 'medications' and arbitrary detention... and shamed into silence and suicide at what was done to her by psychiatrists.

If Silvia Plath had not been electrocuted & coerced/forced to take SSRIs that made her feel so suicidal she took her life...

Read more books by psych survivors & know...

  • If you go to a doctor and tell them how to feel, they’ll diagnose you as fcksht and give you some poison to swallow.
  • If you feel like telling a friend how you feel, they tell you to go get checked out by a doctor, as if you want that sleazy drug dealer checking you out!

It takes time to think around 200+ years of psychiatry's propaganda

  • Initially, no one gets it, that psychiatry abuses people, enslaves them as specimens & does not help or heal.
  • Initially, no, the population don't recognise psychiatry's propaganda, they instead vilify the victims of torture & laud psychiatrists.
  • Initially no understanding – society blames the victims & celebrates the whitecoat torturers.

So, what to do about the ignorance? Keep questioning and putting our thoughts out to those who are permitted a platform to speak on behalf of the rest of the world and talk publically about our society's wrongs enough to create awareness. So, yet another question, from the persistent Ms Initially NO (that'd be me), to ABC Q&A to enable their panel to discuss this disgusting human rights abuse, that is forced & coerced torture of people in Australia. Inspired by another of ABC's programs You Cannot Ask that, which has NOT yet included a show for Survivors of Torture/ Psychiatric Regime Survivors. And, there's a reason for that... prejudice? discrimination? victim-blame? Don't touch that with a barge pole or you're labelled 'fcksht' and cannot get sponsorship? Oh! That's right anyone labelled and tortured by psychiatry doesn't have the right to speak out against their abusers, they're only allowed a platform, if they are willing to be a pet specimen for psychiatrists to display on a show about fcksht.

People generally think they can say anything they like to people who are/ have been tortured by the psychiatric regime. But, the truth is, they must stop these psychiatrisms, in the same way as they must stop racism. We really do not need people accusing us of being ‘incoherent’ or ‘crazy’. We know that's the bullying that got us tortured, and is especially insensitive to people who are still being tortured by psychiatry, or those who are being discriminated against for speaking out against psychiatry. We know it is a really subjective thing - perception - that we've been diagnosed as 'diseased' for. And people can attempt to nonsense and pooh-pooh anything they don't wish to allow a discussion of. And, we know they do, on a regular basis.

Psych survivors don't need to be told that we're an organised religion either - that's the propaganda coming out of people's mouths. How abusive are you, to throw that rubbish on us? Speaking out against the torture procedures that psychiatry inflicts on people 24/7 indefinitely, has nothing to do with religion. And, for a 4th generation atheist, like myself, it is just ridiculous.

Read our lips: we did not want to be tortured. Psychiatry tortured us. Psychiatry is currently torturing 1.5 billion people world-wide. Psychiatry's abuse has increased over the 208 years of its official existence so horrifically it mentally-ills quarter of the world's population. Please learn quickly to recognise who psych survivors are, people who have been put through government endorsed torture. Many, many people are suffering under psychiatry, hoping, one day they can be free from the torture of being an enslaved human laboratory specimen. But that cannot happen, until the public are aware of the civil rights movement, until people recognise we need to have absolute prohibition of forced treatment & commitment.

A question to the Q&A panel from a Survivor of Torture

From Q&A here 'I’m a psychiatric survivor. I’ve been subjected to torture via the psychiatric regime, endorsed by our government (this was for over 14 years). I want to know, what you think of me. Do you think that I’ve done something really, really wrong? Or do you think that I’m some ‘religious person’? How else do you want to judge me? Or do you think, that the psychiatric regime is really, really wrong and that something needs to be done about it?'

Article 15: Its Potential to End Impunity for Torture in Psychiatry

Posted on April 2, 2015  by  treatwebcastadmn 
CRPD 13: WNUSP side event on Article 15: Its Potential to End Impunity for Torture in Psychiatry

Rethinking criminal responsibility from a critical disability perspective: The abolition of insanity/incapacity acquittals and unfitness to plead, and beyond - Tina Minkowitz
read HERE

& don't forget my previous post for this child being tortured...

6 year old Florida child taken from her parents by police and forcibly held in psych ward.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Human rights investigations question

Question for Q&A ABC is HERE

Answer this question on Twitter Poll:
Someone is screaming they are going to be tortured, as they are hauled off by authorities. What do you do?
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