Saturday, November 17, 2012

Psychiatry must die

I think aiming my anger at organised government supported crime, is much better than aiming it at actual people. I’ve never been good at getting angry with people, they’re too complex. They have their good points as well as their destructive points, some of them, so it’s hard to hate everything about a person, without realising there are some things that they do, that I like. Then there are some people I love completely, but that's a different story... I'm talking about what makes me angry.

            So what better thing to aim my anger at than psychiatry, a regime of government organised crime against humanity. I want the psychiatric regime to come to an end and I have legitimate reasons: I don’t want me or anyone else to be tortured by forced drugging, have their boundaries broken, forced to believe what their psychiatrists insist on, be traumatised… I think the techniques of coercive control are what’s used in domestic violence, the military and under other political regimes. It is totally unhealthy, making a former patient forever feel they have to look to someone to give them direction and tell them what to do.

            So, psychiatry must die. And when it does, I will not grieve its passing, I will dance on its grave!

            I suppose some people think they can make psychiatry change its ways, but I don’t think so. What’s the point? It has a bad reputation for torturing people. It needs to be wiped out. No one wants a Nazi or a KKK member; so, why would anyone want a practitioner of psychiatry? Get out of the industry quick if you’re in it.  Psychiatry has to end soon!

            I’m ‘going too far’ you say?

            You bloody holocaust denier, you ugly raciest, you homophobic twit… All these prejudices have one thing in common – psychiatry, if you look at the diagnostic labels that have existed over the years – the diagnosis of draptomania to enforce slavery, T4 whitecoat Nazis plying their trade as legitimate, and the classification of homosexuality as a ‘mental illness’ right into the 1970s. That’s psychiatry and if you think psychiatry is ever going to clean up its act, you’re deluded!

            So, psychiatry must die. Psychiatry must die. And, I wish society would hurry up and kill it off quickly, because it is taking too long to kark it. Stop dithering on whether torture should or should not be used on people who have already undergone traumatic life experiences and are suffering because of it. It quite obviously should NOT BE USED. Get with it! And if anyone thinks I exaggerate how painful neuroleptics are, read up about how Russian defectors described these psychiatric drugs, that are still prescribed, as the worst torture they were forced to undergo.Book: Mad in America

            You think I’m just some angry little blogger? No, I’m a completely outraged blogger who has been tortured by the regime of psychiatry and has every right to say and say again what is so suppressed by society it is silly.

            Plus, I’ve found when I vent about how much I hate psychiatry the Tourette’s tics, originally caused by neuroleptics, disappear. I think the Tourette’s, which feels like me whip-lashing myself, when directed into sensible thoughts like ending psychiatry, feels amicable and stops the nonsense lines like, ‘I want to kill myself’ I had repeating and hopping out my mouth while alone.

            Suppression causes malfunction. Venting the steam of outrage, means at least people might start to recognise it is not me, so much as the law, that needs to change. And when I start to feel more validated, then my mind has less reason to do things like Tourette’s tics.

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  2. Ho NO! keep aiming your anger at organised government supported crime, it is a money tree of torture by forced drugging and is akin to domestic violence forcing toxic drugs good peopple suffering simple ‘emotional’ roller coaster rides to tell them what to do.

    You can make psychiatry change its ways, it takes endless never ceasing organised power and many in life have changed evil institutions.

    The wonderful gay community of our good sisters and brothers fought and stopped the classification of homosexuality as a ‘mental illness’ – it was a vile stigmatising diagnosis for $$$$’s alone. They fought and win!!! So can you!

    The continuing anxiety caused by toxic poisonous neuroleptics will disappear over time, it’s just a more severe and frequent self-flagellation that everybody does but it will take time. It's no different to the vile lobotomies that were done for money alone!

    Keep venting the steam of outrage against the system and not yourself (as we all do at times).

    Keep up the good fight, we’re with you!!
    Go Well